6 Best Lubes For Women

6 Best Lubes For Women

At some point in your sexual life, you want to turn your bedroom eyes toward your intimate-use products. Likewise, the most important thing that happens when a woman gets amused and aroused is that when she becomes wet. The totality of this kind of amusement is a natural blessing for vaginas which is automatically created by the female body.

However, the natural lubrication gives some women a hard time so they tend to seek some help or way on how they stay wet. Moreover, the fact that a woman is having a hard time making her vagina wet, it could lead to vaginal pain or even an irritation. From there, lack of confidence in having sex might become an issue.

I know some of you girls, loved to find out some of the best lubes in the world that would fit you. So here we give you some of the best lubes to transform your sex life;

Maple Holistic Lube

This water based and pH-balanced lube is popular but not yet the trendiest lube for women. This lube is made out of natural, no harmful and organic ingredients. It can be fit for both men and women that come with squeeze lube technology. Girls, you don’t have to be worried about using this lubricant because it is specially prepared for sensitive skins and is totally safe use with condoms and sex toys.

Aloe Cadabra

This is an aloe-based lubrication. It consists of 95% aloe and has also been cleared and declared by the FDA as safe to use. It also has an active ingredient like vitamin E, xanthan, citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate which will benefit the skin. Truly, this will bring you good and soothing feeling as you go deeper the pleasure.

Tenga’s Hole Lotion and egg lotion

This is best for making sensual feelings and sexual activity on its peak. This lube has the highest-quality and essential ingredients and helps elevate the conversation around sex and masturbation. This will help you satisfy your partner even more or even yourself (solo) while in a deep penetration or sexual pleasure.

Astroglide Liquid

This is somehow the combination of spit and lube. Moreover, this brand is known in the porn industry—a water-based personal lube and can be a bit pricey, yet definitely the best. Hence, more people say that spit is better than lube as the spit tends to not dry quickly and it keeps the moisture and wetness.


This is the only lubricant on the market to include an array of effective medicinal plants that rejuvenate, nourish and support intimate tissues while improving sexual pleasure. This lube is the combination of all natural or organic ingredients such as coconut fruit oil extract, pomegranate seed oil, green tea extract, jojoba oil, elderberry extract, olive squalane oil and many more.

Nooky Lubes

This is a non-oil based lubricant but a water-based lubricating lotion. Hence, it is not that well-known for some but rest assured the guarantee of this lube may bring for you. It is a bit expensive but it is silky and has a smooth sensation. Safe with all types of sex toys, no residue is left over, easy to clean just by simply rinsing it with water and completely colourless and tasteless.

In conclusion, vaginal dryness—one of the reasons why more women were patronizing lubes. Thinking of how they will play safe and avoid the hassles of the sexual activities can be magically solved by being a wise woman who chooses the best lubricants. But of course, before anything else, you’ve got to adopt two things. First, you have to understand the type of your vaginal health. Second, you have to apply the lube decently each time you get intimate with your partner, smoothly and perfectly.